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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking notes through a mind-map allows you to visually organize information, making it easier to understand and remember complex concepts. Mind-maps help in breaking down large topics into manageable chunks, showing relationships between ideas, and enhancing creativity and recall by engaging both sides of the brain.

Yes, you can easily track where a quote is coming from by using the “Show Highlight” function. To do this, click on the burger dots next to the quote note. This feature will highlight the source of the quote, making it easy to reference the original context.

Formula notes are designed to help students quickly follow instructors in class by typing out formulas using LaTeX. This is particularly useful for subjects like math, statistics, chemistry, and physics. By using LaTeX, students can accurately and efficiently capture complex formulas and equations. For more formula references, you can visit Overleaf’s Mathematical Expressions guide.

A.I. tokens are digital units used to access and interact with artificial intelligence services or features. They can be used for various purposes, such as making API calls, accessing premium AI functionalities, or as a form of currency within an AI-driven platform.


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